Celeste C. Giampetro

I like telling a dynamite brand and product story. That often means digging deep beyond the "what we do" to why someone should care. It's hard work but gratifying. I've been lucky to do this in the company of great Marketing and Creative teams in both B2B and B2C. I use the word "dynamite" a lot — and 99.1% of the time I 100% mean it.

I'm good at this stuff: brand marketing, product marketing, marketing communications, positioning and messaging development, GTM, storytelling, creative management, campaign strategy and creation, copywriting, content, mentoring, leading when I need to and inspiring others to take the baton, asking tough questions to help uncover the story and the curiosity to tell that story in a lot of different ways, staying on top of deadlines, volunteering to unravel knots in process or create something out of nothing, laughing loudly and often.